Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Horse Blogging Challenge #8- A little about the barn/stable you ride at

A little about a little stable. And it is little. It's pretty low-key with pretty much only recreational rider, since I'm the only one with any competitive goals. So, it's Royal, BJ (my dad's horse), GQ (the 2-year-old Royal hangs with), Gabe (who's very rude and pushy), Sassy the nervous Arabian, and Shady the pretty Arabian who's been just short of abandoned by her owner. Like I said, teeny.

I have a lot of freedom to do whatever I want, including setting up jumps in the front field. Compared to the last barn I boarded at, where individualism and riding without paying someone $40+ to scream at you were frowned up, it's quite pleasent. And Royal is the picture of health. It's very nice.

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