Saturday, March 12, 2011

Horse Blogging #5- Your first fall

What a lovely subject. It was within the first six months I seriously started riding. I had been taking lessons at a saddleseat facility and was riding a new lesson horse. The horse was an excitable Morgan wearing a German martingale and a twisted snaffle. We'd been wrestling all lesson and when a horse kicked its stall wall, he freaked and bolted. Somehow during the course of my lesson, the girth had gotten loose, and the saddle slipped. I fell towards the rail and landed on my head just in time to see his hind hooves flying in front of my face. It was really scary and I will never forget it.

The instructor caught the horse, I brushed myself off, and got back on. I rode that horse again many times and was never scared of him. And I got a lesson in the emergency stop. Which has come in handy more that once.


Back to the present, it's Spring Break! And the weather is halfway decent so hopefully I'll have lots of playtime with the Fuzz.

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