Friday, April 1, 2011

Horse Blogging Challenge #9- Any injuries that occurred from riding

So far, I have not had any dramatic physical injuries from my sport of choice. No broken bones, soft tissue injuries, head injuries, nothing. I've gotten plenty of minor bruises and cuts, but nothing that required extensive treatment. I consider myself very lucky and do my best to keep it that way.

Meanwhile, in Royal News.

The world is melting and Royal is molting. He briefly stopped when we had the blizzard and freeze last week, but he's started again. I'll be coughing up hairballs before you know it. I tried to get some conformation pictures for my Equine Physiology class, and they didn't turn out too great. Mostly because I was taking them with my cell phone, but also because Royal was very confused by the whole thing.

Then we went for a bareback ride on the road. Royal's getting braver about going through water but he still wants NOTHING to do with the Horse Eating Garbage Cans. Apparently he was traumatized by Sesame Street as a foal and never got over it. And it doesn't help that the garbage cans in this neighborhood are yellow and green, so that just adds to their horse eating capacity.

Maybe if I filled a garbage can with food and left it in his pasture...

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