Thursday, January 27, 2011

PNH Blogging #9 - A moment you have had with your partner that would not have been possible without PNH

You want me to pick just one?! Pretty much every time I have a fun, relaxed interaction with Royal was made possible by PNH. I know that sounds like hyperbole, but Royal and I radically transformed shortly after starting PNH. I suppose the coolest recent one was a month ago, when I rode Royal bareback through the pasture. I just stood on a stump, he sidled over to me, and we went tramping through 3 feet of snow all the way to the gate. It was pretty awesome.

In today's Royal adventures, I decided to try some more clicker training. I'll go into why and how I do some clicker training with Royal in a later post, but it seems to help for the stuff that he just has trouble figuring out. Trailer loading, lead by the tail, and Stick To Me seem to be those things. Since the trailer is surrounded by snow, I decided to try the other two. Stick to Me went very well, but he had trouble with lead by the tail. It didn't help that clickers don't work too well with thick gloves. Towards the end, he started to get it and it's something we can work on for a while. Royal does love treats.

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