Friday, January 21, 2011

PNH Blogging #5 - What is your favorite DVD, Celebration, Tour Stop etc..etc…moment

I'd have to say I really enjoyed the 2009 Madison Celebration. It was cool to see the Spotlights (people playing with their horses to music), all of Pat and Linda's horses (Allure and West Point were especially fun), Walter Zettl lesson with Linda was so AMAZING that even my non-horsey mother was entranced, seeing the saddle makeovers, and just being around fellow PNHers for three days. It was a great weekend.

The closest event last year was in Ohio, a 12-hour drive from the Twin Cities, so I wasn't able to go. But this year, Pat and Linda are coming to the MN Horse Expo! Yay! I'll just have to walk a little ways from campus to see them, instead of driving for five hours. Sweet.

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