Thursday, December 30, 2010

Less Yakkin', More Crackin'

So, it's raining. And warm (as in high 30s). In Minnesota. Right before New Years. Hey, since all the global climate change denialists like to use the "it's cold, there4 global warming is a hoax! Dur hur!", can I say "It's rained in MN in December twice in two years, thus proving global warming"?

Royal got his back cracked by the vet today. He was at the farm for my barn owner's mare anyway, so I might as well have Royal worked on while the weather is still crappy. The mare needed a lot more help, so she took longer. I didn't mind, since it was interesting to watch. I'm unsure of how I feel about chiropractic and acupuncture. I'm okay with the way my vet does it (obviously, since I let him do it to my horse), since it's not the only thing he uses. Before he recommends chiro or acu, he does a full lameness work-up to make sure the horse would really benefit from it. I first had him work on Royal a couple of years ago when Royal stopped wanting to take his left lead or let me pick up his right hind leg. The vet did the standard sensitivity and flexion tests before recommending chiro. So, today was just a tune-up from Royal. I'm starting to work more finesse-type stuff, so I want Royal at 100%.

No riding for a while, which isn't hard since it's going to get cold again and freeze. Happy happy joy joy.

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