Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finals and Weather Grump Post

All in all, my study guide for Microbiology is 27 pages long, with over 400 total questions. *grump* And that's only the lecture stuff, haven't gotten around to the book yet. *grump* I still have to do a guide for the lab. *grump* So, my total study guide is going to be at least 500 questions, and there will only be 100 questions on the test. *grump grump* Add to my physio and O chem finals, and I am not a happy bunny.

And the weather is making me even more grumpy. Currently it is 3 degrees F, without the windchill. Windchill added, it's more like -8. *grump* I know it's probably better that it's too cold to play with Royal, but dammit, the horse keeps me sane. It's too cold do get anything accomplished at the barn. *grump*

Can the next 7 days just be over now? kthaxbai.

Maybe a picture will cheer me up.

This summer, in Bayfield. How I miss it right now.

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