Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Steepleview Horse Trial: Short Version

Well, we did it! :D

No fancy ribbons or prizes, but that doesn't matter. We got a score! The final results haven't come back yet, but I think we came in 3rd or 4th to last in our division. We had to do dressage in the rain, so both of us were tight and tense. Cross-country was in the sun, but we had one run-out and 10 time penalties. Show Jumping had an interesting warm-up, where Royal decided the most boring vertical ever was going to eat him and I nearly fell off, but we only had one refusal and no time penalties in the actual round.

For our First Event Ever, I'm very proud. Yes, it would have been nice to win a ribbon or something, but my main goal was to complete it. Get an official horse trial under our belts, figure out what we need to work on, and try some more next year. I'll write more later about it and what I learn, and also post some pictures when the professional CD comes in. Neither of my parents took pictures of me competing, but I got a few cute ones I'll be able to upload tonight.

Now I'm back at the U, hanging out between classes. It's going to be an interesting and math-filled semester, but I'll always make time for The Royal Fuzz. I was so proud of him this weekend, and we'll have a nice laid-back winter to get ready for next year.

Royal last winter

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