Sunday, February 20, 2011

PNH Blogging #30-What have you learned about yourself since you have started doing PNH?

Mostly how introverted I really am, and how brave/adventurous I can be.

As I have alluded to before, I am an introvert. Royal is such an extrovert that I'm constantly having to bring my own energy up and match him, and sometimes I'm too strong. Matching and mirroring Royal has been very helpful for me, especially in gaining experiences with vets. It's really hard for me to promote myself, but learning with Royal has increased my self-confidence. It's easier for me to speak up in social and learning situations, and I've gotten better at standing up for myself. I don't know if I would have that without Royal and PNH.

And, to bring this blogging challenge full circle, I've learned I really am a brave person. I could have done what some do to their "problem" horses: send them down the line, hoping for the best. But I had a pretty good idea of what would happen to Royal if I gave up on him, and it would have probably involved getting back on the slaughter truck he so narrowly escaped before. Yes, there's the possibility that someone else would have taken him on as a challenge, but the odds were not in his favor. I had invited this horse into my life, and I couldn't just kick him out.

So, I stuck with him and together we persevered. Through ridicule, taunts, gossip, and threats, we got through it together. Most people would have given up, and I almost did on a number of occasions, but decided to keep going. And we're doing stuff most people can only dream of. Cantering through fields, jumping, and just being happy to see each other. I have the horse of my dreams, and I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.

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