Friday, February 11, 2011

PNH Blogging #22 - How do you explain PNH when people ask what you are doing with your horse

Now, on to happier things.

Usually I simply say I do a unique form of horse training that starts from the ground up and helps me have a connection with my horse. I've had people ask about the "orange stick" and I tell them it makes it easier for me to find it. And usually people are most impressed when I ride and jump in a halter or hackamore. And when I tell them that's what you start out with in the Parelli program, their eyes get HUGE. Even more when I tell them lots of Parelli people ride bridleless before they put a bit in their horse's mouth.

More often than not, I get lots of compliments on how wonderful Royal is. He's currently playing babysitter to a 2-year-old gelding with some back issues, and the gelding's owner really likes him. "He's a real gentleman" she told me and thinks he's a good influence on her horse. I'm never comfortable bringing up Parelli unless directly asked, but I think she knows that's what I do. I suppose it doesn't really matter if someone knows or not, but they can see how wonderful my horse is, and that's what counts.

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