Friday, March 6, 2015

Royal Steals Mom's Laptop

Hi Everyone! It's me, Royal! Mom has fallen down on her blogging duties, which really are to tell everyone how awesome I am. Yes, it's currently Big Snow and Cold time, but still. Every day is an adventure with me, Royal!

This year's Big Snow and Cold has had both less snow and cold than last year, which makes me very happy. Last year, we thought we'd never see the sun or grass foods again, but this year, the snow has come and gone for months, and the grass foods are still there, although they are more brown than green. We haven't had too much mud to roll in, which makes me sad. My body is a canvas, people. I cannot paint without mud. Happily, the Big Snow and Cold is almost over, and my canvas shall be beautiful again. Mom cleans it up, while she mutters to herself. She sounds annoyed, but I know she loves it. I make wonderful mud paintings.

Mom and I have gone for a couple of rides. Of course, I hadn't been out in a while, so I got a little bouncy. Mom kinda lost her balance a couple of times, so I felt bad and stopped. Sorry Mom. I was just so happy to run again. We also did some dressage. Now, I'll admit: I don't get dressage. I much prefer running and jumping. So much fun! But I humor Mom with the dressage stuff. Sometimes it's kind of interesting, and I use muscle I never knew I had, but it's miles below running and jumping. So, I wasn't totally on board with the dressage stuff, but Mom had a secret weapon: cookies. She knows the cookies are my weak point, and gave me them every time I did something good. So, yes, I will do stuff for cookies. I LOVE cookies!

Speaking over food things, Mom changed my grain foods. I didn't totally understand why, but she said some bags of my food had gotten contaminated with cow food. This distressed me greatly. I don't like cows. I call them Scary Moo Beasts, and I do not like them at all. We have a bunch of Scary Moo Beasts as neighbors, and as long as they stay on their side of the fence, I can tolerate them. But they creep me out. All they do is eat and stare, and shuffle to the next place where they eat and stare. What are they thinking?! I never stand and stare unless something is being scary, and I have to figure out whether to run away. For how much the Scary Moo Beasts, they must be plotting something terrible. Luckily, I have shown my superiority over them when I chased them out of the pasture last year. That way, they know not to mess with me. My point is, I'm glad Mom changed my grain foods. My new grain food is quite yummy.

So, that's the latest from me. It's getting warmer so Mom and I can go on adventures again, and she will have many stories to tell you. Until then, I shall eat all my foods and try to keep most of my feet on the ground most of the time.

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  1. Hi Renee!

    Great blog post from Royal, it gave us a good chuckle! It sounds like you two have come SO far since the beginning, good work!

    I noticed you said you started with the Level 1 pack (good choice!) with Royal, where are you two playing at now in the Levels?

    I bet you had to stay progressive to keep up with your very athletic and witty horse! :)

    Samantha-Parelli Central