Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Fall in definitely here in Minnesota, what with the colorful leaves and crazy fluctuating weather. Royal and I have been laying low, and mostly just hanging out. I don't mind having lots of downtime; Royal not getting younger and I don't see any point pounding on his joints for no reason. It's also been too wet to do much of anything. All the rain in the spring and early summer meant that it never fully dried out, and the back pasture and creek flood every time it so much as sprinkles. So, that means lots of hanging out and walking on the road.

The horses are still happy to say hi. Witness what happens when they're in the Big Field.

And I went up to Bayfield for Applefest and got a big bag of apples, which makes Royal very happy.

So, not much to report here. Just meandering into fall and steeling myself for winter. Hopefully this year won't be as bad, but I'm still stocking up on glove warmers.

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