Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

I think from now on, I'm going to have to block off the last week of June/first week of July as the fortnight where nothing gets done. Last year it was the abscess and this year Texas came for a visit. As I wrote before, I didn't really do much with Royal last week, mostly because I started melting whenever I went outside. This week had nicer weather, but I had a bunch of job interviews that all took place during the day, and I mostly stayed on the ground with Royal. First on our list: Operation Tail. Last year, during the Heat and Bug Apocalypse, I was really good at putting detangler in his tail and making sure it couldn't get snagged on things as he swished flied. This year? Totally slipped my mind, and before I came to my senses and started doing the detangler treatment again, it looked like he'd lost about a quarter of his tail.

I'm usually not one to obsess over my horses cleanliness (he lives outside 24/7 and seems to be magnetically attracted to dirt), but I love his thick silky tail. It still is very thick compared to most horse, but not as much as it was. Very liberal use of the detangler has helped a lot, and I think it'll be back to normal soon. He grows mane like it's his job, so hopefully his tail is the same way. And I will not repeat this blunder again.

This week is supposed to be a lot nicer so we'll get back to doing more stuff. I landed a job at a coffee shop, so no more running around to interviews for me. I'll also be focusing on trying to find a barn that will let us do some cross-country schooling once I'm sure we've fixed the rushing issue. Roebke's Run Horse Trials are this weekend, and I'm just as bummed about not being there this year as I was last year. So, I'm throwing all my energy into getting us ready for Steepleview and Otter Creek in the fall and making sure we are totally prepared for thpse. Think we could convince this bird we found in the field to be our training partner?

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