Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Quick Update

This last week was pretty quiet, apart from the Parelli Tour Stop last weekend (Which deserves its own post. Will blog about that later). Pedicures were on Wednesday after a rain storm. Royal was all traumatized because he was wet, but got settled down well. I told the farrier about his sensitivity, and he was a bit more conservative this time. We'll see how he does.

The next day, I took him (and my sister's young dog) for what turned out to be a strange walk. I wanted to see how he was on gravel and he wasn't too bad. A little reluctant to trot, but otherwise seemed okay. We walked down the side street, and all was quiet, until we heard gunshots coming from the south. They seemed distant, but loud. It's too early for hunting, so I have no idea where it came from. Then it was quiet again, until we heard trumpet music. Yeah, trumpet music, in the middle of the day, in a tiny little street in north central Minnesota. Weird. We were most confused. I thought we had accidentally stumbled onto the set of an absurdist movie and a panda in a top hat was going to walk out of the cornfield and offer us bananas.

"Bananas sound yummy."

Friday we went for a trail ride up the road. We passed the Sheep of Death easily enough, but they have back-up: Demon Llama! Demon Llama stayed in the back of the pasture, but we exchanged glances. We will meet again, I'm sure. We got a little further up the road, but Royal decided that was far enough. I'm guessing his feet were a bit tender, as he wanted to stay in the grass on the way back. It'll probably take a while for him to get more sole back, but he's doing pretty well.

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