Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dispatches From The Monsoon

So, I thought I was just being whiny. Just a diva pining for perfect weather and getting away from the bits of rain, but no. This time I am not being a diva. The Twin Cities pretty close to breaking the record, set in 1874, of the wettest June on record. Congratulations! Rain boots for everyone!

Of course, this wreaks havoc on me trying to do, well, anything with Royal. Or anything outside at all, really, since there's standing water everywhere. But, I am nothing if not resourceful, so we've done what we can. Lots of stuff out on the road, where I'm trying to use the debris from the frequent storms to our advantage. Royal spooking at a downed tree branch? Let's turn that into a leg yield. Gigantic puddle? Water crossing. Mosquitoes eating us alive? Galloping time! And so on. We did have one funny incident with the Sheep of Death, wherein we were cantering down the road toward said Sheep of Death, and upon discovering they were in the front front pasture, came to a complete stop with his head straight up in the air. We skittered past them, but after turning around and going back, he walked on the same side of the road as the Sheep with not too much fuss.

The rain is also throwing a wrench in our show plans. St George's schooling show is on Saturday, and I've signed us up, but we don't know if the show is actually going to happen. It's highly likely that it could get cancelled, and even if it doesn't, we may end up scratching anyway. I am quite adverse to hauling Royal in a thunderstorm, thank you very much. So, I suppose the thing to do is watch to see if they cancel it, and if they don't, check the radar at O'Dark Thirty Saturday morning. Hopefully the Weather Gnome is merciful.

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