Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Arrival Of... Winter?

It's been a quiet week or so for me and Royal. He's having fun eating down the big field and I've been busy with non-horsey life. We did manage to go for a ride on the road that was a lot shorter than I thought it would be. The road was so dry and packed that it was like concrete with little rocks scattered around. Even with his hoof boots, he was uncomfortable, so we only went to the Sheep of Death farm before heading back.

Then Thursday and Friday arrived with a blast of winter weather. Temperatures plummeted and the winds were hard and cold. I was woefully unprepared for it on Thursday and was too cold to do anything more that just play for a little while before retreated back to heated space. And on Friday I found Royal miserable and shivering. Which wasn't surprising: he hasn't grown in his full winter coat yet and he's still a bit underweight. So I brought out the big heavy blanket, which I think he appreciated.

Snug as a bug in his rug

On Saturday I was able to change it to the lightweight sheet before heading out to Bayfield for the weekend. Without Royal? Indeed. It was Applefest weekend, full of shopping, good food and beautiful trees.

I'm hoping we can do a bit more this week, especially with Game of Contact type stuff, if the weather holds out. I think he's ready to try some new things.

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