Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Good Lord How You Frustrate Me Minnesota Weather!" II

After the heat wave weekend, the temperatures dropped and the rain started again. The Standing Water Everywhere came back, although Royal and I still have been able to do some stuff. We've had a couple of Game of Contact sessions, which have been on an upward swing. It's not 100% yet, but he's starting to take the contact with more consistency and intention. Sweet.

We've also be able to get some trail riding in, even with some cantering on a side road. It's nice and soft and not heavily traveled, so we can build up some speed. He's not too crazy about galloping full out yet, so we just did some light cantering, which was relaxed and fluid. And later while walking we came across a little branch which Royal just had to pick up and carry around like a dog with a stick.

A Horse and His Branch
We also went by the Sheep of Death, only this time the sheep ran from us. I suppose they didn't want to take on what they probably see as the Big Non-Wooly Sheep, but maybe this means he won't inch by there, snorting at the Sheep of Death.

The next day we played a bit more with GoC, and he tried to revert back to his old habits of curling behind the bit and slowing way down. It seemed to be more of a mischievous thing rather claustrophobia, so eventually I gave him a little tiny squeeze, to which he responded to by cantering. It was nice, but not what I wanted. After we got settled in the walk, I asked him to trot again. And what do you know, a beautiful forward trot with a quiet mouth. Good boy.

Yesterday it was too hot and humid to ride, so I decided to practice braiding again. I still don't want to use yarn or thread, since Royal tends to fidget and I don't want to use scissors or needles unless I absolutely have to. He may be fidgety now, but if I repeatedly stab or cut him in the neck, he'll be even worse. So I'm sticking to bands for now, but it's not going well. I can do about 4 buttons pretty well, but after that, it all falls apart. Either the section has lots of uneven hairs or is really thick or the bands break or all three. So after seven braids I gave up. I'll figure something out eventually.

For the last two nights we've had very expressive thunderstorms with lots of flashing and crashing followed by very hot and humid days. Oy. I've lived here all my life and I don't think I'll ever get used to the weirdness of the weather. So, Sheldon, if you will:

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