Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

I don't usually pay attention to the New Year thing, except that I have to write new dates and I invariably keep forgetting it until March. For me, the new year doesn't really start until spring, when winter gives up its stranglehold on us, things begin to grow again and my horse starts molting. It is very difficult to shout "HAPPY NEW YEAR" when I'm coughing up bits of horse hair, so I suppose I'm happy with the way things are.

I don't usually make *New Years Resolutions(tm)*, mostly because I never stick to them. But I'll make an exception this year. John Cheese at has a good article about why *New Years Resolutions(tm)* often fail and it's often because they're not specific enough or people don't really think about what they'll have to do to accomplish them. As a side note, I was a coffee shop on the 30th and saw that they had a chalkboard up where people could write their *New Years Resolutions(tm)* and there was an example of every potential pitfall on the list. "Eat healthier" "Exercise more" "Be together with Marta until 3012!" Sigh. People, specifics please.

Where was I? Oh yeah, I'm making an exception this year.

My resolutions for myself are:
-Cook at least 1 meal per week, something that involves mixing, or stirring, or grilling, or baking. I absolutely hate cooking and find it much easier to get something on the way home or stick something in the microwave, but I'll try some new stuff this year.
-Begin running in the spring/summer. I tried this last year and between the bizarre spring and horrid summer, never got the energy up for it. And I can't afford a gym membership or treadmill, so it's outside or nothing. Hopefully this year the weather cooperates.

For me and Royal
-Compete in the Starter division at the spring Otter Creek Horse Trials, and finish with a score
-Compete in the Beginner Novice division at the Roebke's Run Horse Trials and at Steepleview Horse Trials, and finish both with a score
-Take at least one cross-country jumping lesson
-Go trail riding more!
-Compete in at least 2 schooling shows
-Self-assess to Level 3 in On-Line, Freestyle, and Liberty and be well into Level 4 by the end of the year

All nicely specific and achievable, if I do say so myself. Here's to a new year of success!

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